Blessed a Hundredfold

Our text today begins with the rich young ruler and Jesus’ response after he walked away. Jesus had just addressed his attitude toward himself: he didn’t see himself as a law breaker. Jesus had also challenged him as to who and what god he served.  To this, Jesus turns and focuses on his audience and says that it will be difficult for a person to get into the kingdom. Later Jesus talked about receiving a hundredfold now. When you receive Him in salvation, you get the church.

I. Mark 10.23-27 – The Poverty of Earthly Riches

  1. 10.23a – Jesus looks around. There are more than just the 12 here.
  2. 10.23b – A totally shocking statement to his audience.
    1. Religious people were often wealthy and were seen as being blessed by God.
    2. 10.24a – Those who listened were amazed at his words.
  3. 10.24b – Now, Jesus adds to his statement. It’s hard to get into the kingdom, period.
    1. 10.25 – how hard is it? It’s impossible.
    2. 10.26 – They were exceedingly astonished, and said to him, ‘Then who can be saved?”
  4. 10.27a – Jesus looked at them… He said: with man it is impossible…
    1. We can’t save ourself. But…
    2. 10.27b – All things are possible with God.
  5. Earthly riches cannot buy spiritual riches.

II. Mark 10.28-31 – The Riches of Poverty

  1. 10.28 – Peter says, See, we have left everything and followed you.
  2. 10.29-30 – Jesus answers. You have the church.
    1. 10.29 – You have many fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.
    2. 10.30 – There are homes that will provide for you shelter and food. There are people who will see to your needs and love you like their own.
      1. Acts 2.43-44; 4.32-35 – this came to pass.
      2. It’s happening today in the church.
  3. Now … think locally. Look again at 10.29.
  4. 10.30 – Do you feel blessed a “hundredfold in this life?”
    1. Vision plan: We need to see the church for what it is. It is a shield of protection inside a hostile, aggressive world that is doing its best to tear us down. It is a place where “the gates of hell shall never prevail, Matthew 16.18.
    2. We want to: improve our understanding that Christianity is much more than an obligation. It is a privilege and a blessing to be a part of God’s family.


  1. 10.31 – In the end, everyone winds up equal. Everyone is the same.
  2. Can you see the blessing now and the blessing to come?

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